Sunday, May 18, 2014

Primus Asheville Poster by Miles Tsang

Primus continue their tour down south tonight with a stop in Asheville, North Carolina and Miles Tsang did his first ever Primus poster for the show.

100 beautiful, limited edition, hand printed, artist signed & numbered silkscreen posters will be available at the merch booth tonight and tonight only.

More of Miles' wonderful artwork here:

Oh and by the way.. How Many Puppies..?

I asked Miles about the design :
'The poster is an interpretation of my favourite Primus song Too Many Puppies, featuring a horizontal layout to invoke direction and affect a cinematic tone. Populating the foreground is a platoon of dog soldiers marching Eastward, accompanied by a mid-ground roving tank, and distant background fleet of drones, all setting fire to whatever stands in front of them. The seriousness of the concept acts as a foil for the playful treatment and varied expressions of the puppy-soldiers that manifest the irreverant spirit of Primus' music, creating an immersive, surreal, and one-of-a-kind window into the head and heart of the artist."

Be sure to check out his process post:
Also there are going to be 2 variants inspired by Primus' first (Frizzle Fry) and latest (Green Naugahyde) album.  All of these prints glow in the dark, including the variants.

Artist Edition posters will be on sale this Wednesday at a random time in his store HERE

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