Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Saif Chilmiran Trash Garbage & Waste Print Release


1xRUN is introducing folks to another new artist today, Saif Chilmiran and will be releasing two prints by him Garbage & Waste.

Both pieces are part of the series, “Trash” which is currently on display at Courtyard Gallery as part of the “Pop Wall” exhibition. As a contemporary street art exhibition, my work corresponded to the gritty, do-it-yourself atmosphere of the collection.

Each of the originals took between 5 to 8 weeks each. I use various elements from my garbage with some metalwork and plenty of epoxy. The items used are the disposable aftermath of my other works, taken from empty spray paint canisters, paint brushes, markers, lighters and what happens to be occupying my work space at the day." - Saif Chilmarin

 On sale Tuesday at NOON EDT at 1xRUN.com

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