Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jeff Soto Elemental Seeker: Earth Print on Wood

Throwing us all for a curve, Jeff Soto is releasing his newest Elemental Seeker: Earth! Wait a minute! Earth? His last one (Life) looked like Earth, this one looks like.... a skull... uh... growing purple hair crystals? Hmm, maybe it's supposed to be like an Iceland / Greenland thing. As in Life looks like Earth, Earth looks like Life? No, that can't be it. Water, Fire, Metal, and Air all looked like their namesakes. What if this is some sort of quasi political piece? Like the skull represents what would happen to the Earth if everyone starts driving SUV's and littering, and the crystals represent.... uh... money or something? I give up, I don't know how it correlates. What I DO know is that  it looks pretty darn cool (definitely digging the skull vibe).
For those of you who are feelin' it too, Prints On Wood are pleased to inform you that Earth will be offered as a limited edition timed release. Starting this Thursday around 12 pm, this 6x6, 3/4" thick, signed and numbered bright white wood print goes on sale here for 24 hours and will retail for $30.

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