Saturday, November 1, 2014

Aaron Horkey Black Lake Letterpress Print

Aaron Horkey's latest venture The Vacvvm opened yesterday with new releases that had the internetz lose it's mind. One of Aaron Horkey's fans favorite paintings finally make it into print form, Croatoan was something fans wanted more than anything it seems over the years. The print is a giclee and screenprint and it sold out instantly.

The other print release is titled Black Lake. This letterpress print was first seen as the gigposter for the group Agalloch. This print is 12.75" x 20" letterpress art print. Available as a timed edition for 24 hours and ends Saturday, November 1st at 3pm CDT.

There are also new shirts, hoodies and patches from Aaron Horkey and Brandon Holt as well.

Hit up to buy the print and shirts

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