Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Jon Smith Eric Church Posters, Mini Prints & Slice Shirt Release

Jon Smith has a bunch of new work on sale right now. He added 13 mini prints, 6"x 8" giclees of sold out posters and art prints. These are basically the sold out prints that Jon gets emailed about at random and instead of saying "no dice" he can at least say "you can have a little bite sized version for cheap" these are giclee's not screen print so people who were actually at the show or whatever can have something.

Plus there are 3 new Eric Church posters for Seattle, Raleigh and Vancouver which is my favorite just because it's a killer design and I love me some hockey. Each poster is 18 x 24 screen print with an Artist Proof Edition of only 20.

Then there is the SLICE! shirts, pretty self explanatory. Jon is stoked about the Slice shirts cuz he came up with that design over a year ago and it was always supposed to be a shirt and now his dreams have come true.

Buy them all at SmithbellCraft.com

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