Friday, July 24, 2015

311 Charlotte Poster by Status Serigraph

311 are heading south now on their tour and tonight they are in Charlotte, North Carolina. The guys are NASCAR fans and if you watch the Nationwide Series you can see the car they sponsor sometimes.

I talked with Justin on the design:
This poster was designed with the bands sound in mind…When i was introduced to 311 back in high School it was the psychedelic nature of some of their songs that really attracted me to them.
Grassroots was an album that will always remind me of High School and so I thought of this sort of psychedelic woman… innocence and yet there is a more mysterious side to her.

Status Serigraph did the poster for the show tonight and it is signed & numbered out of 211 with 25 foils (S&N out of 30). 11 regular poster autographed by the band will be found randomly in the stack at the merchandise stands.

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