Friday, July 17, 2015

Brad Klausen Foo Fighters Poster in Boston World Premiere Exclusive

This tour the Foo Fighters have had great posters for every show they have done. Tomorrow night they are in Boston at Fenway Park for the first of two shows. It is my pleasure to reveal Brad Klausen's poster for the Foo Fighters at Fenway Park.

When I got the email from Brad showing me the poster a few days ago I nearly fell out of my chair. He has done some great posters, but I really think this is one of his top 3 ever.

I asked him about the design and it's not what you think:
well I was doing my best to not reference the warriors... I've never seen that movie, but have seen imagery from it, so I knew there was some sort of baseball bad guys gang type of thing in that movie... so I was hopeful people wouldn't think it was a reference to that, I was just trying to play off the idea that it was old timey baseball and the ff were the out of town team playing at fenway and they weren't coming to play baseball but coming to fuck shit up,... in my mind it was like one of the earlier ff videos where they dress up and play characters in a skit... but I kind of figured it would most likely be taken as a reference to the warriors... I even went to youtube to try and see if there was a scene from the warriors of the baseball gang, to make sure my concept wasn't super close to the characters in the movie... and from the small clip I saw, I can't for the life of me figure out why that movie is a cult classic... it looked really bad form the 2 minutes I saw
 The poster is 17.25 x 24 inch screen print with 6 colors on kraft paper. The show edition is 400. No the watermark is not on the actual poster.

On Sunday July 19th Brad will have his artist edition of 100 signed & numbered posters on sale at


  1. Great job, BK! looking forward to this one:)

  2. Replies
    1. sorry for the late reply but they should have been at the merch stands

  3. Any word on tonight's poster?

  4. I got it. Pretty sure it's a slater. Owl design.

    1. Yeah the Owl is Slater but the monster who peed his pants I think is either Morning Breath or Ames. If it was Ames though I think they would have mentioned it already.

    2. Slater owl is pretty, but that monster...