Sunday, July 12, 2015

John Griffin 311 Milwaukee Poster

Local artist John Griffin of Catharsis Printworks did the poster for the 311 show in Milwaukee tonight.

Here is what he said about the design:
We wanted to showcase one of the most historic buildings and the birthplace of industrial Milwaukee. The Pabst Building, now demolished, was Milwaukee's first skyscraper and was built upon the location where the founding father of Milwaukee, Solomon Juneau, first settled when he discovered Milwaukee. We didn't want to just draw the building so we did some more research into the Pabst company and its long line of crazy owners. One that stood out was Gustav Pabst Jr. who was known for traveling the world and partaking in all sorts of unusual activities. In this article from the a local MKE paper, Gustav described his adventures with snake wranglers while exploring South America. The final image came from reimagining one of the snakes from Gustav's adventures finding its way back to Milwaukee and going 'King Kong' on the city.
The poster is Signed & Numbered out of 211 with 25 foils available at the Merch stand tonight.

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