Friday, July 10, 2015

Darin Shock 311 Cincinnati Poster World Premiere Exclusive

Very happy to be able to debut Darin Shock's first poster for 311 and it's for his hometown Cincinnati as well. Happy to see more bands and bigger bands taking notice of Darin's talents and having him do a poster for them.

Darin talks about the design:
"If you don't know, one of Cincy's nicknames is Porkopolis (from being the country's primary center for hog packing in the 1800's). The pig is an icon around here and there are several pig statues throughout the city as well as many other references. Cincinnati was also prominent during Prohibition with speakeasies and mob owned liquor establishments and was home to the infamous bootlegger George Remus. This led me to a depiction of a pig faced bartender serving drinks in a speakeasy."
Signed & Numbered out of 211 with 25 foils available at the Merch stand. The poster is black & white with metallic silver that doesn't show in the digital image. I tried getting Darin to do a scratch & sniff bacon flavored variant of the poster but he refused.

Darin will have his copies on sale Monday July 13 at a 3pm at

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