Monday, July 20, 2015

Jay Ryan x Landland Pitchfork Music Festival Poster Release

This past weekend was the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. And as usual it was hot, it was rainy and crazy.

Jay Ryan was fortunate enough to get to make posters for this year's festival in collaboration with the good folks of - (Dan Black and Jessica Seamans). This process, which is different from how Jay usually works, was amazing - Dan was in Austin for much of the time they were co-working on the line drawing of the Green Line "L" station at Lake and Ashland in Chicago. Jes determined the colors to be used for the prints via a watercolor painting scanned in Milwaukee. Diana Sudyka helped by contributing a watercolor painting of a sky which was placed behind all the other elements. Jay drew much of the underside for the building (most of the red parts), while Dan drew most of the siding and windows (the blue parts). Jay Ryan wrote the text of all the bands which have played Pitchfork over the last ten years (meaning all those bands were written by hand), and Dan drew the text pertaining to this specific event. These were screenprinted using a four-color process (CMYK), as opposed to spot-color screenprinting which Jay usually uses. They turned our particularly well.

Jay had a complete blast working on this and hope that you like it even half as much as he does. The edition was 880 pieces, signed by Dan and Jay, with numbering assistance by Jason "Small Stakes" Munn, who was visiting from California.

Most of the prints sold at the festival, but they are posting their copies to BOTH AND at 1pm CDT on Monday, July 20. You can visit either site if you would like a poster. They look really sweet in person. Also go HERE to see my pictures from the festival of the artists.

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