Wednesday, July 22, 2015

AngryBlue Small Batch Prints! Printed with Bourbon

AngryBlue has 3 new prints on sale that pretty cool.

Tally Ho!
Welcome to an underwater adventure with Alice and Wonderland overtones! This is the art print version of his Forecastle 2015 poster. Just look at that lil' crabcake!
It's a 5 color screenprint. 18x24
signed/numbered  run of 250

This piece was also created to celebrate the bourbon-themed art Forecastle festival in Louisville, KY. So much so, that AngryBlue mixed bourbon into all of the inks! Smooth and creamy! The split-fountains vary throughout the entire run as the inks move around and blend differently throughout the run.
3 colors split fountain, 18x24
signed/numbered  run of 130

Drink More Bourbon!
This lil' 8x10 is a Single color
signed/numbered limited to a very potent small batch of 50.

Buy them at

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