Wednesday, July 22, 2015

311 James Flames Richmond Poster

James Flames is the artist tonight for the 311 poster in Richmond as he was the other night for the Hampton Beach poster

I asked James about the designs for the posters:
311’s music always seems to have this quality of discovery to it – discovery within oneself, or out to the farthest galaxies, and everywhere in between. The lyrics to “Golden Sunlight” kinda sum it up nicely, and were basically the main inspiration for these two posters:

There’s a door open to walk through, All I want is just beyond.
What if I could let my guard down, Into freedom, on and on.
What if I could let my guard down, What if I could live wide open
What if I could just let my guard down, And go beyond into the great unknown.
So I wanted to depict this in a series of scenes in front of a doorway, where a special key (the “311 key”) is the only way to gain access to the freedom beyond. These two scenes take place in different times, different places, different moods, but the door is always there, waiting to be opened.

The posters are signed and numbered out of 211 by James Flames. Also 25 foil variants will be available which are signed and numbered.

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