Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Persue Bunny Kitty MTA Card Prints & HPM's

Persue is back with several new releases from 1xRUN featuring his Bunny Kitty character on MTA Cards.

"One night while in the studio with my friend Rime we were talking about ideas how I could let people know that I had made the move cross country from my home city of San Diego to New York. He just blurted out, how about painting on MTA cards?

I've seen the cards sprawled all over the floor of the subway stations. Everyday I ride the train it has become a scavenger hunt to see how many cards I could find. Some days I find 1 or 2. Some days I can find 10. And some days you strike out and don't find any. I even have friends collecting them off the floor of the subways for me. It's just a brilliant idea. It's a sustainable approach to art." - Persue

Prints and Hand Painted Multiples are on sale now at

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