Thursday, July 9, 2015

Miles Tsang Foo Fighters Toronto Poster World Premiere Exclusive

Tonight's Poster

Last Night's Poster

Since breaking his leg in Europe last month, Dave Grohl I think has galvanized his position as one of the rock gods. Even though Foo Fighters canceled a couple of shows in Europe he was not going to that stop their US & Canadian Tour now called the Broken Leg Tour. As he described it, he was high as a fucking kite on Oxycontin when he designed the idea for the Foo Fighters Rock n Roll Throne.

Now the Foo Fighters are going to rock Toronto for a second night and just like last night Miles Tsang has created another insane poster that forms the other side of the diptych.

The posters have an edition of 325 for each night and measure 18 x 24 inches. Miles was really excited to be able to do his first Foo Fighters posters and man did he ever. Check back for details on the Artist Edition sale.  

Miles has decided to drop the Foo Fighters posters "at a random time," on Saturday July 11th on his website

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