Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Emek Grateful Dead Chicago Poster Release

Here is Emek's official poster for the Grateful Dead’s final shows in Chicago that only people with the VIP ticket package received. Celebrating 50 years of Grateful Dead: "Fare Thee Well"... 50 years down memory lane... What A Long Strange Trip Its Been…

Size: 18” x 24"
Limited Artist Edition on pearl paper, signed, numbered, embossed, and doodled :)
800 were printed for the event.

The poster traces a nostalgic couple's memories in semi-chronological order... from a star child birth, “What’s Become of the Baby”, to a loving family, to learning to crawl with China Cat Sunflower, Casey Jones, Jerry’s first 9 fingered Tiger Guitar, blowing your mind on music, the band performing flanked by Jerry on one side and Trey on the other, Friend of the Devil, Sugar Magnolias blooming, Box of Rain, Dire Wolf queen of spades, Golden Road and Dead in Egypt, “710” license plate, Deady Bear, Terrapin Turtle and Wake of the Crow dancing on the Wall of Sound with "Ripples" behind them, PigPen’s cowboy hat, Keep on Truckin’, Jerry’s missing finger hand, flying eyeball, dancing shroomy, third eye roses and special quilted fonts for saying "Fare Thee Well…"

“I need a miracle“
This poster will be sold through a LOTTERY STYLE sale.To participate, Email Emek your answer to the following question:
“How many hours total did Emek spend drawing this poster?”

PLACE THE NUMBER IN THE SUBJECT of the email ONLY!!!  Send your guess to anytime between NOW and TOMORROW night,

All entries received after Thursday July 30th at 11:59pm PDT will not be valid

Emek will sort the emails by subject so be sure to JUST put the number in the subject of the email (nothing else!) Otherwise you risk being disqualified.

He will notify winners by Monday August 3rd with how to order, winners will have a time limit to reply and place their order, if they do not respond in time we will go on to the next in line... He will announce when the contest has closed.

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