Monday, July 1, 2013

Stand With Wendy Davis Official Texas Democratic Party Poster by Tim Doyle

Don't let rick perry the governor of Texas and his buddies tell women what they can and can not do with their own bodies. Tim Doyle and Nakatomi are proud to yet again collaborate with Former Texas Senator, Glen Maxey and the Texas Democratic Party in furthering their efforts to TURN TEXAS BLUE! By standing with Wendy Davis as she continues her fight for the rights of women in Texas.

We Stand with Wendy is available in three colorways, each with different phrases, these 18×24 silk-screen posters are signed and numbered by artist Tim Doyle in editions of 400 each.

A SIGNIFICANT portion of each sale goes directly to benefit the Texas Democratic Party.

Printed on 150lb Tag Manilla Paper- these are being rushed to press and will ship within 2 weeks of order being placed.

Join in STANDING WITH WENDY, and support Women’s rights not just in Texas, but around the country. For those of you in Austin, GO TO THE CAPITOL TOMORROW!

Prints are available for sale RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

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