Friday, August 15, 2014

Dalek Space Monkey Constellations Prints

On Friday 1xRUN will have their first ever release with Dalek featuring his iconic Space Monkey.

Merging animation, Japanese pop art, and an urban aesthetic, James Marshall is best known for his Space Monkey character—a strange, vaguely humanoid mouse that he would depict in an array of bright colors and twisted circumstances, often wielding various destructive implements. Working under the name Dalek, Marshall expressed his ideas through the Space Monkey character until 2007, when he began moving into a purely abstract style. growing out of skateboard and graffiti subcultures, Saturday morning cartoons and stacks of comics his style and method continue to grow in a multitude of directions. There have been many formative moments in the years since Marshall started painting, the greatest of which he accounts is his time working in Takashi Murakami’s studio in late 2000-early 2001 . “it was that experience that gave me the foundation of building a studio practice and discipline.

"This was done back in 2013 and took me a few weeks to finish. It's just a space monkey on a mission through some dimensional portal looking for trouble. People should buy it if they like it. My hope is to simply make art and be appreciative to those that support my work and allow me to continue exploring ideas and pushing and pulling with what I do. So in that sense, buying this print allows me to continue making art." - Dalek

Space Monkey Constellations is a 18 x 24 Inches 9-Color Screen Print on 130lbs Mohawk Vellum Fine Art Paper. The prints will come in your choice of 4 colorways with a variety of edition sizes

On sale Friday at NOON EDT at

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