Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tyler Stout Guardians of the Galaxy Poster Release & New Print Details

Tyler Stout will be selling his Guardians of the Galaxy poster by lottery and he has a new print titled Ulfhedinn on sale right now.

Ulfhedinn print is up for preorder and will be open for the next 24 hours, til 10AM Thursday, August 21st, PDT. Upon which it will be closed and the poster sent off to be printed. 12"x18", a 5 color screenprint on cream paper. there is a regular edition red and a smaller gold variant edition. The way preorders work: the edition size is based on however many orders Tyler gets during the sale period, it could be 50, it could be a million.

Buy it in Tyler Stouts Store HERE

Details from Tyler on the Guardians of the Galaxy Lottery:

if you're interested in purchasing my guardians of the galaxy poster, please read and follow the following instructions.

i will be selling them via email lottery. everyone who submits their info will be eligible, and sarah will go through and randomly select as many people as posters we have. my apologies if you are not selected, it is completely random.

the lottery will be closed by 10AM Thursday, August 21th, Pacific Standard Time. if you don't submit your info by that date, you will not be eligible.

heres how to enter. if you don't follow these instructions, you could be disqualified.

Email your Name and Shipping Address to by 10AM PST Thursday, August 21th, PST. you can put anything in the subject line, all emails to this email address will by considered entries. put GotG if you are unsure, anything works.

Sarah will pick from the email entries and send out emails Thursday, August 21th,, hopefully by 12PM PST. please check and i will announce when emails are done going out.

1. Only submit your name once, via email. you address must be your shipping address, and your paypal shipping address.

2. If your name is submitted more than once, you'll be disqualified from being picked. If your address is submitted more than once, you'll be disqualified.

3. If you purchase under a different name than the name you submitted, you'll be refunded and disqualified. If you are not picked at all, yet someone gives you a link and you purchase the poster, you'll be refunded and disqualified. Sarah checks each order as it comes in, and refunds those not picked.

- if you're picked, you can choose to purchase either the regular or the variant (as long as copies are available). You cannot purchase both. If you do, you'll be refunded on both.

Posters will be $65 for the regular, $110 for the variant. Plus shipping. Sarah tells me shipping rates have gone up a few bucks, so shipping might be a few dollars higher to some places, my apologies

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