Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shepard Fairey SOLD Honest Gil Poster & Campaign Finance Reform

Shepard Fairey has thrown his talent behind a very worthy IndieGoGo program that is a lot more important than potato salad.

Here are the details from the Gil Fulbright Program

America's biggest problems are going unsolved because our government is overrun by Big Money special interests and lobbyists. The amount of money corrupting our political system is at an all time high, so we're setting out to make "fixing the corruption" the #1 issue in America.

Enter, Gil Fulbright.

Gil is a satirical Senate candidate — an "honest politician" who will openly take any position on any issue... for the right price. We're running Gil for Senate in Kentucky during the most expensive Senate Race in American history between Senator Mitch McConnell and challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes.

The race between McConnell and Grimes is on pace to cost an unprecedented $100 million. Over three quarters of both candidate’s money is coming from outside of Kentucky, including a who's who of big money special interests. When it costs that much to win an election, the candidates become dependent on their funders, not on the people they're supposed to represent. As a result, the issues that matter to the people go unsolved.

Because control of the Senate could come down to the Kentucky race, the national news media will be watching; it's the perfect opportunity to steer the conversation away from the usual partisan grandstanding, and change the conversation to money's stranglehold on American governance — and how to fix it.

Kentucky isn’t an isolated case. The cost of running for office has exploded in recent years, pushing politicians in both parties to spend more time raising money from special interests and lobbyists, and less time working for the people they’re supposed to represent.

Campaign finance reform is essential to restoring democracy. Gil Fulbright’s “campaign” helps to illustrate why current campaign finance has compromised and corrupted quality lawmaking and governing but in a very fun, digestible way that I can only hope will resonate with the greater public. Please help contribute and raise awareness to this extremely pressing issue that we all face.
Read more about Represent.us in the Washington Post today

Check out the Gil Fulbright IndieGoGo Program HERE

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