Monday, August 18, 2014

Tim Doyle Batman Gotham PD Artist Proof Print Release

Nakatomi will be releasing artist copies (marked ‘AP’) of Tim Doyle’s  Batman Gotham PD print, commissioned by French Paper Art Club and Geek-Art, this TUESDAY 8/19/2014 at about 2pm Central Time on the Nakatomi site- HERE.

Follow Tim Doyle on Twitter HERE for a direct buy link for when they go live!

Both of these posters measure 16×36. The Regular (red) was printed in a limited edition of 120, and the Glow in the dark variant (blue) in an edition of 55.

These prints were produced in-house by the Nakatomi Print Labs. In the normal process of printing, a shop will run some prints of each layer on a sheet by itself to check for pinholes in the screens and other problems that might occur. Doing this, they ended up with 10 or so REALLY NICE looking Black and White only versions of the print. They will be randomly giving these prints away FOR FREE in with orders for the Regular (red) poster only. AND- since the bat-signal up there is only defined by the sky-color, artist Tim Doyle went in and hand-drew in the Bat-signal on each one with a black marker!

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