Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Emek Nine Inch Nails Soundgarden Portland Seattle Poster

Well the the final dates of the Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden tour is getting the best poster and of course Emek did it. This piece of utter rock poster perfection is for the Portland and Seattle dates August 29 & 30th.

The poster is a 22 x 34 inch silk screen and Emek has titled it "Head like a Black Hole Sun"

Here is what Emek had to say on the design:

Midnight notes from on the spectrum
People ask me how I come up with my ideas
Most of them come to me in my dreams like this piece did...
Right before I went to sleep I was listening to some old nine inch nails and old Soundgarden...
Then I woke up in the middle of the night with these thoughts and vision.
Sartre said hell is other people
Yet we are alone.
Dante said there were nine concentric planes of hell
9×4 = 36 skeletons pictured... 36 is 3&6 is 9...nine inch nails
I wanted to draw something representing coming to peace with pieces of our own inner demons, thoughts and mortality.

Monumental yet Futile
Babel's Tower of contemplative ghosts
Elevated into the ether
Like so many lost thoughts
Hermetically sealed into memories
from future dreams now lost
Plumbing circuitry parasiting on the remains of a mind palace
Saw less
So less
Soul less
So low.
So.. Go.

Now my own personal plea for help hahha
Someone get me one please I have much to trade, please and thank you


  1. This is unreal. Another masterpiece by Emek.

  2. Emek, amazing work. I like how you explained the process in which you created this remarkable poster. Your dreams are your fuel that catalyzes your creativity, along with NIN & Soundgarden. The symbolism and meaning of why you decided to place 36 skeletons makes a lot of sense. I agree that others can create your hell, along with your own inner demons. I am glad I got to check out your work. When I was at Blumbershoot Festival I asked for NIN artist and they all said contact Emek. That is why I am here! I did go to the last Seattle NIN show but regretfully didn't pick up a poster. Do you have any left?

  3. I am so glad to have obtained one of these at the White River show and especially one that was signed by both bands. It is currently in the care of a local frame shop getting the frame, matting and museum glass it deserves. My kids are already arguing about who gets it in the Will! Thank you, Emek for this creation and commemoration of two of my favorite groups of musicians. <3

  4. Does anyone know someone who has one they are selling and the foil print as well