Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ricky Powell Andy Warhol & Jean Michel Basquiat Soho NYC 1985 Print

1xRUN have another new artist debuting Wednesday and that is Ricky Powell who is a legendary photographer who specializes in the environmental portrait. His prints are Andy Warhol & Jean Michel Basquiat Soho NYC.

"This photo was taken in the fall of 1985 in New York City. I went down to the Basquait and Warhol show on Mercer street at Tony Shafrazi Gallery. I was across the street taking some photos of Zephyr and Revolt, the dynamic duo that had just done the "Wild Style" logo, which was pretty sharp. Taking photos of Zephyr and Revolt was a huge thrill for me, because they Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They were really cool together. But I see Basquait and Warhol coming from diagonally across the street on Houston street towards the gallery. So I skedaddled across the street, a slow jog across the street and I shrugged my shoulders and said "You guys mind if i get a flick? please?" Then Basquait looked at Warhol and said yea he’s cool. So they paused for me. I said thanks and they went back into this big crowd that was waiting for them. So this was the jump off for me. I shot two dynamic duos in a minute there. I just had a natural knack for it. It’s something I love to do and doors opened up for me from there. This picture has turned out to be a very classic and iconic image." - Ricky Powell

You will have you choice of two mediums for this image either 14 x 10 inch Archival Pigment Print on Aluminum or a massive 44 x 32 Inches Archival Pigment Print on 310gsm Fine Art Paper.

Both go on sale Wednesday at NOON EDT at

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