Monday, August 25, 2014

Tim Anderson Red Life Halo RvB Print Release

Today marks the fifth release from Rooster Teeth in their Red Vs Blue series: Tim Anderson’s “Red Life”. Brian who runs Rooster Teeth first discovered Tim when his pulp-book-cover movie posters went viral a couple of years ago. His work as a video game concept artist translated into really detailed and textured illustration work. Since then he’s been expanding out into the screen printing world and doing some pretty amazing work for various art shows and even Lollapalooza. They’re excited to have him as part of the lineup of RvB artists.

Tim had this to say about his design: “One of the defining attributes of Red vs. Blue is its humor, often taking the form of running gags or throwaway lines that take a few moments to sink in. I wanted to allude to a few of those jokes and place them in the context of a magazine cover, combining some text-based gags with the rather ridiculous imagery of a cover model-type photo shoot, to create an homage to the inherent humor of the series.”

4 colors, 18x24 on 100# Cougar White, printed by Lady Lazarus, $59.95

Today’s print will be available at 4:30 PM CDT on

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