Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sebastian Bentler Your Tools Won't Help You Here Print

Sebastian Bentler just dropped his latest screen print 'Your Tools Won't Help You Here'

Technical details are:
Screenprint featuring unique hand sprayed and partly stenciled Backgrounds + UV/Matte Finish on 300gsm Arches paper with deckled edges.

The work depicts suited people approaching the viewport with tools instead of heads on a raw, spraypainted background often incorporating paint runs and subtle splatter as part of the texture.

Each variant is unique and handsprayed / -finished.
Printed Area: 77x57cm (31x23″)
Edition of 10, signed and stamped by the artist.

 About Zombie-ism.
Lack of consciousness and soul.
Lack of humanity even in the highest degrees of the human-hierarchical structures.
The poor life of haters.
Running lies.
Pity for those misused as tools.
Even more pity for those doing tool-work consciously.

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