Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Please Welcome Rob Loukotka of Fringe Focus The Newest Sponsor

I'm thrilled to introduce a new sponsor for Inside the Rock Poster that most of you should know and that is Rob Loukotka of Fringe Focus. Rob is an artist, designer and illustrator that makes his home in Chicago. Fringe Focus is his one man creative factory of fantastic goods. The Fringe Focus workshop in Chicago is his visual arts playground complete with a laser cutter, CNC router, power tools, and a literal metric ton of screen prints. There is nothing this man can't re-purpose and build

His  ACME Corporation poster was the second most successful graphic design project ever (at one point…) on Kickstarter after raising over $105,000. Rob's artwork can be found in galleries like Gallery1988 in Los Angeles, and many others. Fringe Focus has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Wired, and probably some other places too (like here).

Follow him on Twitter , Facebook and be sure to sign up for his newsletter at where you can check out all his artwork.

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