Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jon Smith Spoiler Alert Prints

Artist Jon Smith debuts his new print series- ‘SPOILER ALERT’. On Sale Tuesday 8/26 at 2pm Central Time! Depicting some of TV’s biggest SPOILERS, this print-set is sure to delight or completely enrage friends! (“WHY DID YOU SHOW ME THAT, I JUST STARTED WATCHING BREAKING BAD!”) Note- Nakatomi is not responsible for stabbings that may result in the gifting of this print set.

This first set in the series is 4 12×16″ high-quality giclee prints, each signed and numbered in an edition of 100. Each print will sell for $30, or you can pick up all 4 for $100.

The prints will be for sale HERE at the top of the Jon Smith store at 2pm Central time Tuesday 8/26.

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