Monday, August 11, 2014

Godmachine White Widow Medical Marijuana Poster Exclusive Release Details

Digital Image of the poster

Actual image of the Glow in the Dark layer

Actual image of the Glow in the Dark
Almost 3 years ago Godmachine created some medical marijuana strain themed shirts for a company that is now gone. At the time we talked about making posters of the art. We talked a little and it just kind of fell out of our attention, part of it things were different even then. Now things have really changed, people are starting to learn about the good medical marijuana does for some people. Instead of getting hooked on all sorts of pills medical marijuana has brought many people the relief they have wanted for so long.

Now some people might still have an issue with marijuana, but you don't have to tell them this beautiful poster has anything to do with it if you don't want too. But you can have nice little grin on your face as she is looking down on you.

White Widow is a 7 color Glow in the Dark screen print on 100# Mr. French Black Licorice paper measuring 18 x 24 inches with a numbered edition of 75. Printed by the fine folks at Vahalla Studios. Be sure to check out those pictures up there, you can see how much she glows in the dark !!!

This beauty goes on sale Wednesday August 13 at 4:20 PM EDT at the Inside The Rock Poster Store HERE .

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