Friday, October 10, 2014

Camilla d'Errico Sucker Punch Print Release

1xRUN has a new print release from Camilla d'Errico today titled Sucker Punch.

"This piece is called Suckerpunch and the original) is available as a part of my show “Rainbow Children” which opens Oct 10th at The Cotton Candy Machine in New York City. I’m very happy to have brought this piece to life. She’s 12x16 oil on wood and framed in a gorgeous white ornate frame. I love the energy of this painting, every time I look at her I am happy that I spent so much time detailing the melting colors and tentacles. There is something very ethereal in her face as well that makes me very happy that I was able to render her expression so softly.

I started sketching out ideas for my show a few months before I started painting the series and Suckerpunch was one of the first ideas that I really fell in love with. I was really intrigued with the idea of hiding her eyes and at first I thought I would use the tentacles to do so, but as I refined the sketch I liked the idea that her hair would be paint and dripping down, obscuring much of her expression. There is a mysterious quality to a painting when you can’t connect with the character through their eyes, and as I worked on her I found myself really focused on her mouth. I was drawn to painting a subtle emotion that contrasted with the intensity of the melting colors and wild energy of the tentacles." - Camilla D'Errico

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