Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jason Seife 011|110 Print Release

Jason Seife has a new print titled 011|110 that features gold leaf on it being released by 1xRUN today. It will come in two sizes 17x17 or 22x22.

"The overall theme of this series was overcoming obstacles and tough times to reach a greater goal, this piece in particular referencing the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, which to some may seem like a direct religious or biblical reference, but it in fact can be related to our every day life in the feeling of betrayal which is something we have to deal with from friends, coworkers and sometimes even family/loved ones. It's a very tough thing to get over, and something i wanted to transcend into my painting.

This piece, like a lot of my work was inspired by a renaissance painting. In this case it was a Caravaggio piece. Coming from a background in graphic design and just design in general, aesthetically I like playing off of symmetry and geometric shapes which bring a more modern take on the renaissance style. Presenting styles in a way our eyes aren't accustomed to viewing them is something that intrigues me." - Jason Seife

On sale Wednesday NOON EDT over at

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