Monday, October 6, 2014

John Howard Durer's Rhino Hommage Print

John Howard of Monkey Ink has a stunning new print titled Dürer's Rhino Hommage for sale.

Details from John on the print :
500 years ago Albrecht Dürer published his illustration of a rhinoceros as a wood block print. He drew the rhino, sight unseen, from a written description and small sketch. His drawing was transferred to fruitwood and carved by the formschneider. That block produced 12-15 thousand prints in eight editions. Dürer acquired a printing press to make his art available to everyone. He and his wife sold prints at fairs across Europe, which freed him from dependence on commissions from the rich. Today, I also draw and design (screen) prints and my wife and I travel and sell them at music festivals and fairs, as do a gang of our artist and printer friends from around the world. To commemorate the quincentennial anniversary of our particular strand of diy, I inked the rhino to work as a screen print and join the carnival one more time.

The print is 24 x 18 inch 7 color screen print with a signed and numbered edition of 100.

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