Monday, October 13, 2014

Winner of the Jeff Boyes TPS Reports Poster

Everyone had some hilarious responses to the giveaway for Jeff Boyes Office Space inspired poster. I'm right there with you all on the printer problems. For once I would love to be able to start a large job and not have any issues but there are always issues. I was surprised with all the fax machine problems too. I can't believe they are still in use as much as they seem to be as well. A good printer/copier will scan and save the file to your computer then you can email it, that way you know the person got it and you dont waste any paper.

Well the winner of the print is ......Ross with comment #65. Ross email me your address and I will be sending the poster out to you.

Thank you to everyone that entered and of course to Jeff Boyes for providing the poster as well. He still has a couple of his Artist Proof editions of this an many others for sale on his website go check it out.

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