Thursday, July 9, 2015

Canlove Spray Bouquet, Octophyllum Multipas & Orchidae Diutinus

Canlove is back with new release from 1xRUN of original art created from spray paint cans. In total 40 one of kind pieces of work releasing on Thursday.

"We dubbed these flower creations Metaliflora and we’ve been experimenting with different shapes and forms for a few years. We challenged ourselves to create the greatest and most efficient use of one recycled spray paint can. The flower bloomed naturally. This series is partially about us returning to our roots. When we started cutting these flowers we wouldn’t paint them as we often do now. We’ve been venturing into this raw approach with some of our other work. It feels right to introduce it with this series as well.

The can popping process always produces a unique pattern inside the can because as the marble moves around inside it leaves its tracks on the wet paint. Each flower is cut by hand and no two flowers are exactly alike. Each one is completely unique. And every box we shipped had a custom paint job." - Canlove

On sale Thursday at NOON EDT at

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