Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Alex Pardee Primus San Francisco Poster Release

Alex Pardee got the awesome opportunity to design a screen-printed poster for a fantastic special performance of PRIMUS AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY that happened last week in San Francisco at the famed Palace of Fine Arts.

The poster sold out at the show, but he saved a handful of them to be sold online THIS FRIDAY, SEPT 25th at 1PM Eastern Time exclusively HERE on his website eyesuckink.com.

This scrumdiddlyumptious 7-color screen-print was printed by the magical Oompa Loompas at MONOLITH PRESS on violet French paper that was magically infused with experimental blueberry gum straight from Primus’ Chocolate Factory.

This Tour-Edition “Violet” Version of the print that Primus used for their concert measures 18” x 24” and is a numbered edition of 250 (but he only has about 40 left to sell online) and comes signed by Alex and his snozzberries.

But you know what? There’s so many different flavors, colors, sounds and worlds inside the Chocolate Factory, so he couldn’t just do ONE single color print! That would be sillier than Agustus Galoob’s decision to fall into the chocolate river! So here are some additional VARIANT edition prints that are each SUPER limited editions and will go fast! They won’t last nearly as long as a gobstopper.

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