Tuesday, September 15, 2015

1xRUN x Murals In The Market Print Series Begins Jeff Soto & Maxx242 Prints

1xRUN is proud to announce the inaugural Murals in the Market print series + original artwork exhibition featuring 40 world-class local and international artists. For Detroit's first mural festival, the team at 1xRUN has been hard at work bringing together the world's most sought after artists for two smashing exhibitions including a massive print suite that explores the new contemporary art movement.

Original artwork and fine art editions from all 45 artists, as well as, limited edition merchandise will be available at 3 locations throughout the market, allowing fans and collectors to connect further with the festival and bring home unique items from their favorite artists. Open daily beginning September 17th – 26th, Division Street Boutique, Red Bull House of Art and Inner State Gallery will each host unique featured exhibitions. As the global destination for limited edition prints, 1xRUN will of course bring work from Murals in the Market to fans across the globe with new print releases.

On Tuesday Jeff Soto's Owl Of Infinite Knowledge print & Maxx242 Gypsy Road print's will go on sale at NOON EDT at 1xRUN.com

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