Thursday, September 3, 2015

Nick Derington Boss Fight Ode to Id Video Game Posters

So many of us grew up (or got older without "growing" up ha) playing the first video games from ID. Wolfenstein, DOOM & Quake were the very first FPS and I'm sure caused nightmares for younger players. I cant tell you how many times I jumped out of my chair playing DOOM or Quake, the games today just dont have the same level terror these games did.

After his first successful Kickstarter program Nick Derington has a new one and it brings all the crazy Boss' into your world and on to your walls.

Here they are
Castewolfenstein 3-D - The Mech
DOOM - The Mind
Quake - The Monster

With this Kickstarter you have your choice of the prints in sets or individual prints

All three images printed onto one 9"x12" Giclee art print. Signed & Numbered by the artist.

12"x24" screen print posters.

12"x24" screen print posters. Each poster is printed with 5 custom mixed ink colors and an additional Glow in the Dark ink layer! Signed & numbered by the artist.

GIGANTIC Glow in the Dark 18"x36" screen print poster set. Each poster is printed with 5 custom mixed inks along with additional glow ink layer! Signed & Numbered by the artist. Limited to only 200 sets!

Want to know who one of the backers of the project is, It's John Carmack he loves them.

So head over to the Kickstarter page right HERE

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