Friday, September 11, 2015

Aren Vandenburgh Built To Spill Fall Tour Poster

New artist by the name of Aren Vandenburgh contacted me about his new poster for Built To Spill's fall tour. As a fan of the group for over 20 years he was stoked for the opportunity to do the poster. 

I asked him about the idea behind the design :
Built to Spill came through my small-ish town (Eugene, Oregon) this July and sort of on a whim I chatted with Doug after the show about maybe sending him some work to look at and maybe doing a poster. It ended up that the artist they were working with for their Fall tour poster fell through and I was offered the opportunity to do it. I put the design together over the course of a couple of days and had the good folks at The Half and Half do the printing and I think it came out nice. The budget afforded for some cool, subtle minty off-white French paper (speckletone starch mint) and three colors. The imagery isn't too serious, but it's loosely based on some of the things I had been thinking about while listening to Built to Spill's new album: planets, the past, civilizations, overlapping sounds and shapes. Also - I like snails.
This poster is a 3-color screen printed 18x24 poster on some nice minty off-white paper.

Buy the poster and see his other work at

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