Friday, September 25, 2015

Batman Begins & Batgirl Poster From Mondo

This Saturday is Batman Day! In celebration of the caped crusader, Mondo are releasing two new posters from completely opposite ends of Batman's longstanding history.

Mondo have a new poster for Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins from artist Patrick Leger, an illustrator they’ve been really excited about and wanting to work with for some time. They’ll also have a poster by Gianmarco Magnani featuring Yvonne Craig as Batgirl from the 1966 Batman TV series. Gianmarco’s Batman and Robin posters from last year were among some of our favorites and they’re honored to add Batgirl and her iconic Batcycle to the series. RIP Yvonne Craig

Batman Begins by Patrick Leger. 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of

Batgirl by Gianmarco Magnani. 23.622" x 14.567" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 175.
On sale Friday at random time at

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