Monday, September 21, 2015

Pearl Jam Poster Show in Hamburg Germany

The idea for the was created by a group of Pearl Jam fans during their last European tour in Vienna. Hamburg has a strong Pearl Jam community all though the band played the last show in 2000 in Hamburg. This community follows Pearl Jam in Europe, Northern America (Us & Canada) and South America.

The show will be on display September 23-26 2015, more than 100 posters of Pearl Jam will be presented in Hamburg for the first time ever. The exhibition will display the posters of more than 30 leading artists, including Brad Klausen, Ames Bros, EMEK, D*Face, Faile, Frank Kozik, Munk One, Nychos, Jeff Soto and Chuck Sperry.

The exhibition has free admission and we have no intention to earn money or other business objectives.

The posters presented in the show will provide a retrospective from the beginning to 2014. Posters from nearly every Pearl Jam poster artist can be seen. Based on the history of Pearl Jam posters and "importance" of artist there are a few posters more by AMES, Brad Klausen, Chuck Sperry or EMEK

Poster Artist is Antje Schröder aka Grace Helly

The design fits perfectly for three reasons: the purpose of the show about silkscreen posters, Pearl Jam as a band supporting vinyls and Hamburg as the location.

The show is happening at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg

Hit up their Facebook Page HERE for more info

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