Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pearl Jam Global Citizens New York Posters & Merch

Ames Bros
Don Pendleton

David Hale

Pearl Jam fans can't wait for this Saturday as the group plays the Global Citizen Festival in New York's Central Park.

As mentioned before there will be 4 posters for the show. Ames Bros, Don Pendleton, David Hale and Brokenfingaz did posters for the show.

The Pearl Jam Pop Up Shop with the merchandise for the bands Global Citizens performance on September 26.2015 will be the only place to buy the entire line of items. THERE WILL BE NO POSTERS ON SALE AT THE FESTIVAL. You can only get them at the Volcom Store.

Volcom Soho
446 Broadway
New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 226-7284
Nearest Cross Streets: Between Howard and Grand on Broadway
Nearest Subway Station: Canal St Station (N-Q-R)

Tuesday, Sept 22 - Hours: 11am To 8pm
Wednesday, Sept 23 - Hours: 11am To 8pm
Thursday, Sept 24 - Hours: 11am To 8pm
Friday, Sept 25 - Hours: 11am To 8pm
Saturday, Sept 26 - Hours: 11am To 8pm
Sunday, Sept 27 - Hours: 12pm To 7pm

- There will be 4 different poster designs.
- Posters are limited to 2 per design.
- No poster tubes will be available.
- No Refunds or Exchanges.
- The Volcom store will be the only location where you can purchase the full NYC PJ merchandise line that week.

- Inventory will be held back for each day Monday through Saturday. Any remaining inventory will be sold on Sunday.

- All merchandise is on a first come first serve basis.

Proceeds benefit Pearl Jam's Vitalogy Foundation in support of poverty projects.

Don't forget to watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Wednesday night at 11:35pm EDT to see them perform as well.

In this digital age it seems like everything is being bootlegged and counterfeited. As far back as the 2003 tour there were counterfeit Pearl Jam posters for San Antonio and Mexico City and I was the one that figured it out with the help of another fan. He mentioned he thought something was off with a poster that he bought from someone in Mexico. I had bought a poster from the same guy and so I pulled out 2 of the Gorilla posters one of which I knew was real and compared them. Sure has hell the one from Mexico was fake. Sent the pictures to Ames and they confirmed it.

So starting with the New York posters every Pearl Jam poster will have a hologram sticker on the back of them. Posters sold at the concerts and posters sold by the artists will all have a sticker. The number is not an edition number but a serial number.

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