Sunday, September 13, 2015

Brad Klausen Foo Fighters Vancouver & The Gorge Posters Release Details Exclusive

Friday night Foo Fighters played in Vancouver and Saturday night they played the Gorge in George, WA. Brad Klausen did the posters for both shows and they are dope.

Hard core Foo Fighters fans know where the group gets their name. In case you did not here it is.

Toward the end of World War II pilots began reporting seeing UFOs in the shape of strange glowing balls flying around their aircraft at night. The objects seemed to maneuver with great speed and the Allies began to worry that the German's had developed a new weapon with startling capabilities. Not often, but sometimes the objects would also appear on radar. Most of the encounters were in Europe but some did occur over in Asia.

The objects were dubbed "foo fighters" because of a popular comic strip at the time, Smoky Stover drawn by cartoonist Bill Holman. The character of Smoky was fond of saying "Where there's foo there's fire" and the objects seem to be fiery, rounded shapes. By 1944, the term "foo fighter" was used by radar operators to describe a return on the radar screen of an object that might or might not actually exist. Soon air crews were also using the term to describe the strange objects they were seeing. Occasionally, in the European War Theater, they also employed the expression "kraut fireballs."

The history of the Foo Fighter name is what Brad used as inspiration to design these posters.

Both posters are 15 1/4 x 24 inches, 5 color silk screen print. The artist edition will be a signed and numbered out of 100. Brad will be putting them up for sale Tuesday at 9am PDT and will sell sets and individual prints over on his website

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