Monday, September 28, 2015

Danny Excess Royal Blood Southwest Tour Poster

Happy Super Blood Moon! Danny Excess has a new Royal Blood poster.  It's his third time working with Royal Blood this year. This is the limited edition screen print for their last tour of the year. The poster is 18x24”, 6 color with metallics, edition of 200.

 I talked with Danny on the design:
An alchemist devises a plan to harness the power of a blood moon eclipse in order to take the form of a Tiger and overthrow a monarchy. In his unrecognizable animal state, he uses the speed and ferociousness of the Tiger that he has channeled in order to overthrow the monarch, and obtain Royal Blood.
Artist edition is 50 and available in the store on Danny's site, 

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  1. Amazingly it hasn't sold out. This is by far one of my favorite rock concert posters I have collected. Really love how he illustrates "Royal Blood".