Thursday, September 10, 2015

Brad Klausen Dave Matthews Band Vancouver Poster Release

Brad Klausen did the poster for the Dave Matthews Band show in Vancouver last week and now you will have a chance at getting your hands on one of the artist edition posters.

Brad talks about the design:
I was asked by the Dave Matthews Band to create a poster for their show this past September 1st in Vancouver BC at the Rogers Arena. They cited a couple of posters of mine they liked and were looking to see if I could do something in a somewhat similar vein for them,... posters like the 2013 Pearl Jam Worcester one or the Widespread Panic 2009 New Years Eve one. Those two posters have a bit more of a cosmic mysticism to them in their symbolism, so I figured I'd try and keep things in line with that theme for the DMB poster.

The image is also somewhat inspired by the very rare DMB song "Light Lift Me Up". From what I understand, it seems that song was only performed once during a soundcheck. I had an idea for an image of a mystic shaman woman holding up a glowing lamp and this fit in perfectly with the lyrics from Light Lift Me Up: "Lift me up / From the bottom to the top / Lift me up / Sweet light". (Those lyrics are printed on the bottom of the poster). There's some very ancient symbolism regarding light that travels from deep in the depths below to great heights high up above... so this image speaks to that symbolism, to the uplifting power and wisdom of light...
The poster is 15.5 x 24", 6 Colors (Green is metallic) and it is signed and numbered out of 118.

On sale Thursday September 10 at 10AM PDT at

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