Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sarah Joncas Summer Print Release Details

Sarah Joncas has a new print be released by 1xRUN on Thursday and it's titled Summer.

"I made 'Summer' last year for the annual group exhibition Suggestivism, which was held at Copro Gallery. Without any themed restrictions, I was free to paint whatever I felt like making and because the seasons have always made (and continue to make) an impression on my work, the painting really was just about illustrating that. I wanted to depict a simple portrait of a modern girl under the influence of summer! It was fun, I usually focus on winter more than any other season, being Canadian.

As it's comes to my more recent work, this painting feels more cute to me than what I typically do. I often portray a darker side in my work, or at least a more serious tone, but this portrait was colorful and spunky." - Sarah Joncas

On sale Thursday at Noon EDT at

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