Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Crosshair Oneida, Wood Brothers and More Posters Release

Dan of Crosshair has three new prints up in the shop. The Oneida poster was made for that band's March 13th show at the Empty Bottle in Chicago. Oneida are old friends of Dan's and Crosshair has made several posters as well as two album covers for these guys over the years. (Also on the bill was Dan's own band Arriver, currently in the studio preparing for our next LP, due out in the fall...) Dan has been pretty blown away by the response to this poster. It's an uncommon thing that a new poster for what are quite little-known, underground bands is his runaway top seller at Flatstock, especially when the poster is a stylistic departure. But there it is. Next, he just released a new one for The Wood Brothers. It's a colorful, seasonally-appropriate, and it features a hopper car. What says "America" like a rail car and a sunny sky? This one is packed with detail, depth, and whatever symbolism you bring to it. Finally, there's the Flatstock 53 poster he made for the aforementioned poster show hosted annually by SXSW in Austin, TX. It features...wait for it...another rail car!

Buy all the posters in the Crosshair Store HERE

And another message from Dan. Yes, after limping along for some months, the Crosshair website is toast. Cause of Death: technical obsolescence. He is working on it. Meanwhile the shop is current and fully functional.

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