Tuesday, April 19, 2016

James Flames Ween New York Poster And Coloring Book Release

James Flames says this Ween poster was such a fun project to work on. He loves that band, and he felt it was an honor to create the poster for their shows in his hometown of New York City.

His illustration is inspired by their classic lyric, "Have You Ever Seen A Whale With A Polka Dot Tail?" It features a 'seeker' who is greeted by this huge psychedelic organism, which is floating in the air and looks like it’s constantly blooming, like a flower that doesn’t end. The organism reaches out so that he can come inside and join the party, and live there with the whales and everyone else

James will have Uncut Sheets available of the Regular edition, as well as the Lava HoloFoil and Sparkle HoloFoil Variants (which look pretty sick by the way!) Ween posters will be available, Tuesday, April 19th at 2pm Eastern.

The new stock of Coloring Books from James just came in, so they're finally available online as of right now for only $10 each.

James is so proud of these. They're super high-quality, made with great paper that holds up to whatever medium you wanna use to color. 28 pages!

Buy everything at JamesFlames.com

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