Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tonight's Pearl Jam Philadelphia by Jason Shawn Alexander And Sticker, Key Chain and Pin

Tonight is the first of two sold out Pearl Jam concerts at Wells Fargo Center and another new artist Jason Shawn Alexander did the poster.

I asked Jason about the design:
 As far as story, I’m not sure there really is one. I was right at the 16 year old stage (roughly) when I heard the TEN album. The age when music really connects and hits and I’ve always been thankful they were a big part of that for me. I’ve always been a fan. Like the images on the back of the print with the lettering between them that spells “random”, I simply wanted to let my imagination go and make something. I’m thrilled they liked it and honored to be a part of this.
Also keychains are back tonight too. Some of you might know what the number means. For those that dont 1152 is the room number in the Bogata Hotel that Ed wrote Gone in. He premiered the song the next night (night two) of the Atlantic City shows in 2005.

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