Tuesday, April 12, 2016

James Flames Dazed And Confused Poster Release Plus Umphrey's McGee Major Rager Augusta Poster

On Tuesday James Flames will be releasing his Artist's copies of the new officially licensed Dazed and Confused poster he made with Mondo.

According to James, this is definitely one of his favorite movies, so he tried to include lots of little touches and nods to different elements of the film inside the details of the illustration.

You can see a bunch of close-up detail-shots of all these little things and subtle illustrative differences between the Regular and Variant editions. He is really excited how this came out, and proud to get these out into the world!

Also, tomorrow he'll release my Artist's copies of the new poster he did for last week's Major Rager event in Augusta, GA, as part of the Masters golf tournament. The show featured Umphrey's McGee, and the posters completely Sold Out within an hour of door's opening.

He hand-printed these using 5 colors/screens, and he also made a VERY small edition on Rainbow HoloFoil paper (only 8 of these).

Everything will be available Tuesday, April 12th at 2pm Eastern at JamesFlames.com

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