Monday, April 11, 2016

Iggy Pop Zoltron San Francisco Poster Release

I was real happy to see Zoltron got an Iggy Pop poster for this tour and it looks sick.

Zoltron drops the details:
Iggy Pop is one of my all time favorites, so I was beyond excited when i was invited to create a poster for The Post Pop Depression Tour in my home town of San Francisco. I love this album. I love this band.

I tried so many different approaches to the design, but I felt like in order to do the print justice, it had to be a portrait of Iggy, or at least somehow reference his long hair, wiry muscles, punk rock attitude.

The image that kept appearing in my mind was a mesmerizing and iconic photo taken by the insanely talented German photographer, Olaf Heine.

So on a whim, I reached out to Olaf, sort of intimidated by his daunting portfolio and many published books, but Olaf was enthusiastic and responsive & totally interested in working with me on the project. We went back and forth on various photos he had taken of Iggy over the years and ended up agreeing on the original photograph and then based the illustration and design on that very striking image.
Edition of #/290
18" X 24"
6 Colors (with gloss/clear/metallic layer over eyes and in shoulders)
Printed on Heavyweight Natural, Fibrous Kraft Parchment

Artist Release details, due to high demand and general studio mayhem,
artist release is now scheduled for Weds. April 13th at around 11AM PDT at The Z store

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