Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Brad Klausen Flight To Mars Seattle Poster Release

Flight To Mars with Mike McCready played their annual shows this past weekend in Seattle and proceeds from the shows benefit Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America's Camp Oasis.

Brad Klausen created the poster for the two shows and it looks sick.

The regular poster is 12" x 24.75", 3 Colors on white paper signed and numbered out of 50.

For the first time Brad has done a foil variant. poster is 12" x 24.75", 3 Colors on silver foil paper signed and numbered out of 35.

Brad talks about his design:
I was asked to make this year's Flight to Mars poster be Bowie themed. And even though I knew they were going to have a Bowie tribute band open the show, it was a bit of a quandary to be asked to make a Bowie themed poster for a UFO tribute band. It'd be like making a Neil Young themed poster for a Rolling Stones tribute band. Originally they were going to open the show with a Motorhead tribute but opted for Bowie instead. They also asked if I could sneak Prince's symbol in there somewhere too... so my initial quandary was resolved when I figured I could make the poster Bowie themed but also a larger overall theme about visionary musicians / people. David Bowie, Prince and Lemmy were all visionary people. They saw things that other people did not, not only in themselves but in music. And trusting in their own vision all three of them left a mark on the world and the art of music in their own unique and brilliant ways. I use the symbol of the eye a lot. Given I am a visual person / artist, the eye is of great symbolic significance to me. The eye symbolizes not just sight and vision, but knowing and wisdom. Bowie, Prince and Lemmy all had their own unique vision and ability to see and know what they wanted to create. Their individual vision helped create and introduce completely new avenues to the world of music, reshaping and changing it forever.
Posters go on sale at 10 AM Pacific on Tuesday May 24th at http://artillerydesign.com/

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