Monday, May 9, 2016

Iggy Pop Hamburg Poster by Jemma Treweek

Iggy Pop has taken Josh Homme and the band to Europe to continue the Post Pop Depression tour. Just like with the American tour the Europeans are getting some great posters.

Jemma Treweek did this poster for the show in Hamburg and she got some help on the lettering from Dan Johnson. 

I asked her about the design:
Design came from the idea that the man himself is invincible, inspirational, a creative hedonistic force of nature. No burn out, on fire, a always looking to that glowing horizon. Post pop depression was a chance to ponder all that, is he real, or an outerworld machine? 
The nature of collaborations with others also (This poster is also a collab with mega talented hand lettering designer Dan Johnson) Iggy's collaborations here, the fire in creative collusion, the burn of ideas. Plus chairs, he collects antique chairs. I feel so incredibly honoured to have been asked to do it.

She has this and some of her older posters for sale now in her store here >

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